Public Law Library as a Bankruptcy Resource

Each county throughout our United States should have a public law library accessible, online and/or live, to those who 1) need to represent themselves in a legal matter, 2) would like to become a little more informed about a particular legal matter, or 3) as an attorney, utilize as an invaluable resource for legal research, and viable alternative to the expensive online services available to have "pay to search" available at the fingertips.  The cost for an annual membership in every case should be nominal, which cost is used to help maintain the resource available.

San Diego has such a research, and below is a link to a video showing the Bankruptcy Resources that are available at the San Diego Law Library.

Also, here is a link to the a seminar entitled "Is Bankruptcy For Me?"  I was one of the the three attorneys on this webinar panel that discussed the basics of a bankruptcy case.  It was a fun exercise - I hope you enjoy it.