Is Bankruptcy Really Necessary?

Is Bankruptcy Really Necessary?

Asking oneself "if bankruptcy is really necessary for me" can be one of the more intimidating questions we ask ourselves when considering a solution for our finances.  However, sometimes the bankruptcy solution turns out to be that 20 lb sledgehammer to drive a small 1 lb nail; and more than is needed for a particular situation.

What one doesn't want to do is put too much credence in what a friend, family member, or work colleague has to say about bankruptcy, unless they have intimate familiarity with the programs that are available.  You wouldn't put confidence in your dentist to resolve acute pain in other areas of your body, would you ?

Bankruptcy is a body of law made available by our federal system to provide for financial relief; so there is nothing illegal or immoral about it (a discussion for another blog post ;)).  One simply needs to determine whether it is right for a situation, and should seek professional advice in coming to that conclusion.

Most bankruptcy attorneys, including our office, are willing to provide an hour of free consultation, to help determine if the program is right for you; and I guarantee that consultation is worth the price of admission.  Get the pun ? 

All of the prospective clients we consult with leave feeling great levels of relief about their financial issues, and better than half depart without deciding to undertake a bankruptcy case.

Don't agonize further about your rights or the relief that may be available to you; make an appointment with an attorney at the Debt Relief Legal Clinic today to set your mind at ease.